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elizillabeth's Journal

you make me tingle, tingle. ♥
♥ basic shit.
♥ hobbies and interests
♥ fandoms
Okay, I've nothing much to say, but I'm awesome, kk?
I'm eighteen.
I live in northern NC close to the border of Virginia. Yes, Yoochun's Buhginyuh.
I've graduated from high school, and have no plans for college just yet. At least, not plans that are set in stone. I hope to attend Yonsei University after a semester or two at a local community college.
engrish? | @ disney world. | I'm never on it, but here's my myspace. | facebook, a better bet for contact.
I've got a extremely eclectic taste in music. My Zune software has everything from Fall Out Boy to Weird Al to Justin Timberlake to Tong Vfang Xien Qi.
I love movies. I watch lots of horror flicks, comedies, corny romances, and pointless animations.
I enjoy theatrical arts and dancing and singing. If it's artsy and involves movement, I probably love it.
Cooking is one of my favourite things to do. I used to want to be a pastry chef, but changed my mind for the fact that I couldn't eat everything. Blehhhh.
secksay. | Just Dance. | strong baby. | HEY MICKY, YOU'RE SO FINE.
Super Junior.
Big Bang.
Lady Gaga.
Hana Yori Dango.
Shining Inheritance.
Koda Kumi.
Ayumi Hamasaki.
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